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This wiki is for the Dungeons and Dragons campaign run by The Renfrew Ready Room, or otherwise known as RenfrewDDgroup. We are named so because of our first primary location, Iain's home, was on Renfrew street.

The World

The party has since explored two continents, Corrollon and Aegea. Corrollon is the brainchild of Iain, and is currently under the threat of a continental war. The Party has left Corrollon to recruit assistance from the peoples of the Gestahl. The Gestahl are found on the continent of Aegea which is run by aejrussin. It has been revealed that Aegea was populated by a faction from Corrollon that was exiled. Both continents, and indeed the world, is under threat from the resolution of the Portal of Dragons.

The People

The Party was given the group name Fimbulvetr (The Long Winters), but this specifically involves all of the players that received a dragonmark from the High Priestess of Melora at the top of Mount Macedon, although the phrase can be a catch-all for all of the current and past adventuring party members.

The Exploits of the party are summarized in the Party Log (as best as I can, and when I remember), and the Party's on-person and notable items of curious and magic can be found on the Item List.

The Campaigns

Summary of Events for First Corrollon Campaign, Summer 2010

Sparsely populated, the whole of Corrollon seems to be awakening from some kind of deep slumber after the fall of the Old Norath Empire more than 200 years ago. Its heroes, like some atrophied muscle stretching for the first time, investigate the lands as new state powers begin to emerge. Solomon Rex, New Norath, Cairngorm and The Council of Fantastic Magic are among those gaining influence.

Summary of Events for First Aegea Campaign, Spring 2011

Exiled from the mainland nearly four hundred years ago, the Gestahl are a traditional and protectionist ethnic group that have survived on the desolate continent of Aegea for longer than the Old Norath Empire has been dead. By fate or divine intervention, the heroes investigate these mysterious lands - surely these peoples will have some answers pertaining to the Empire's fall. Instead, a secret war is discovered between Trade Houses Heraclid and Antigonid as they vie control over the Monopoly of Trade with the emerging League of Corinth.

Summary of Events for The Portal of Dragons, Winter 2012

The resolution of the First Aegea Campaign brings the Party to Melora's Portal.